Advanced Speech Recognition and Improve Radiologist Productivity

Voice2Dox® is a voice dictation platform allowing you to you select from preset templates, utilize your choice of speech engine to transcribe and send the recording to medical transcription services - all in one platform. Unlock powerful, context-aware technology for coding and billing, critical findings, follow-up recommendations and other actionable insights. Make key words mandatory to alert the radiologist of key elements before they submit the report.


Smart Templates and Routines:

Gain immediate efficiencies by dictating naturally and letting the application reconstruct your narrative into one of the 300+ built-in structured templates.


Embedded Critical and Incidental Findings:

Handle a critical concern or a potentially misunderstood verbal communication without going outside of the standard reporting routine.


Support Women's Imaging:

Benefit from streamlined mammography workflows, and quickly and easily capture BI-RADS with one button.


Multi-Speech Engine Compatibility:

Integrated with multiple industry leading, state-of-the-art speech recognition engines.


Reduce Errors and Minimize Fatigue:

Identify and flag common dictation and omission errors, such as laterality or gender-related issues.