Sectra ids7 radiology client

Sectra's KLAS-awarded PACS is praised by users around the world for its ease of use, for being rock-solid, and for allowing radiologists to perform the vast majority of their workload from a single application. A modular system optimized for use in mission-critical environments, it can be scaled to fit the needs of any healthcare enterprise.

Sectra Uniview zero footprint client

Sectra Uniview is a zero-footprint web viewer that lets you view and interact with medical images at high speed, whether it's radiology images, non-DICOM images, videos - or even whole slide pathology images. With an intuitive user interface and a powerful enterprise-wide search functionality, you can search for information in a Google-like manner and get quick and secure access to images and related patient information from any device or embedded in your EMR.

Reduce operational costs and risk

  • Consolidating your image management means fewer systems and integrations-and lower costs.
  • Vendor-neutral archiving of DICOM and non-DICOM images, videos, and documents as well as other data avoids future migrations and vendor lock-in.
  • Our scalable and modular solution lets you grow from ology to ology and from enterprise to enterprise-helping you reduce risk and better control costs. You're free to add or remove modules as your organization's needs evolve.

Increase clinical workflow efficiency

  • A single point of access to all images, video, and data reduces the need to switch between applications.
  • The extensive toolset and portfolio of clinical applications reduce the need for third-party specialized applications-for lower cost and faster diagnosis.
  • Our suite of diagnostic applications enables efficient clinical workflows in the most image-intense departments.
  • Sectra's solutions are all built on the same technical platform, enabling cross-departmental collaboration and integrated diagnostic workflows.

Improve patient outcome

  • Together with a powerful set of diagnostic applications, consolidated access to all images and data leads to faster and more precise decisions, which can improve patient outcomes.
  • With all information available, also from previous exams and patient encounters, you can cut down on unnecessary exams.
  • Access to images, videos, and documents from a platform-independent, zero-footprint viewer makes communication with patients easier.
  • With efficient means for sharing images, collaboration is made more efficient, which can improve patient outcomes. Giving patients access to their own images also increases patient engagement.

Optimize care pathways

  • A shared platform enables multi-disciplinary collaboration and integrated diagnostic workflows-especially important in cancer care.
  • A large portfolio of clinical applications targeted at oncology workflows increases clinical efficiency.
  • Powerful yet simple workflow management tools make requests and reports available to the right person according to priorities based on SLAs or urgency, for example. This reduces the time spent in the overall care pathways.